Beneficial and beautiful

The European larch (Larix decidua Mill.) is the typical mountain tree. Rusticity and sturdiness characterise its appearance. Its reddish-brown colour and striking texture give larch its unique beauty. Its aromatic scent adds to the incomparable effect.

Stubbornly resistant

The most impressive characteristic of the larch is its high natural durability. It’s weatherproof, resistant to fungus and chemicals, and statically stress-resistant.
Its legendary durability makes the larch the toughest European pinewood, and has earned it the name “oak of the pinewoods”.
The larch weakens the effect of electro-magnetic rays and underground watercourses. It offers good heat insulation and is also flame-resistant.

Snug and homely

As hard and raw as the character of its wood may be, thanks to its inner tranquillity the larch radiates a unique feeling of warmth and security.
We specialise in utilising the special properties of the larch.
The result is the tangible LSB® LÄRCHENHOLZ quality.